Dear Doc,

On behalf of UNESCO and the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, thank you for helping to bring the global celebration of International Jazz Day to the United States in 2019.

It was thrilling to learn about the diverse and innovative array of events brought to life by organizers like you. From weeklong school programs to performances with jazz icons to intimate gatherings and discussions, organizers on all continents presented engaging and imaginative jazz programming. I feel humbled to know that lovers of music and culture around the world have embraced jazz and its message of unity and tolerance.

On International Jazz Day, our partners in 195 countries used jazz and its infectious improvisational spirit to make a positive difference in their communities. You organized charity boosters to benefit victims of natural disasters, coordinated master classes and workshops for students who might otherwise never experience the joy of live jazz, and presented entire festivals using jazz to showcase the beauty and integrity of your own culture’s musical traditions.

We were most pleased that this year’s celebrations continued the previous focus on service and accessibility while reaching more than two billion people worldwide through television and radio coverage, social media, print and digital news, live webcasts and more. This level of impact is truly driven by the passion and hard work of community leaders like yourselves.

We are already looking forward to next year’s activities. I am delighted that 2020 will see the first Global Host Celebration on the African continent, with a wide range of performances, educational outreach programs and other festivities planned for our Global Host City of Cape Town and across South Africa. I trust that this historic moment will inspire you to curate your own celebration, in your own way. I know our team is eager to hear how your plans are coming along, and to offer their support wherever possible.


Herbie Hancock

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue Chairman, Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz


 Governor Ducey has shown true leadership on Arts and Cultural issues since elected governor four years ago,” said Doc jones, president and International Jazz Day AZ Foundation. “We applaud Governor Ducey for supporting UNESCO International jazz Day. With Governor Ducey’s influence and guidance, International Jazz Day Arizona has grown to over 10 State and also passed a Bill "HCR 2017" declaring April Jazz Appreciation Month and April 30th International Jazz Day. By his endorsement Arizona Jazz is being shown in a positive light on the national stage.”

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